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Kari's Law


Creating legislation that ensures help is reached by dialing 911 without dialing a prefix, postfix or trunk access number first. Kari's Law was signed by President Trump on February 16, 2018



Providing training that will enhance communication skills among company employees through classroom curriculum and hands on exercises.

Staying Yourself


 High stress jobs sometimes present situations where people need help. The Kari Hunt Foundation wants you to know there's help available. PTSD is real and there are ways to combat it and recover from it. American Addiction Centers recognizes that PTSD sometimes isn't their only struggle. It can be accompanied by addiction to alcohol, prescriptions drugs, illicit drugs or over the counter drugs. Addiction is a disease just like diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. For more information concerning substance abuse accompanied by PTSD call 903-926-8107 and Speak with D.J. She'll point you in the right direction for help.