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Dr. Annise Mabry

Dr. Annise Mabry is a retired Dean of Graduate Studies, a GA Certified Peace Officer; and, a best-selling author of the homeschool memoir Educational Disobedience. She holds a PhD in Education, a MAEd in  Adult Education and a MS in Criminal Justice.

She has homeschooled her children for over a decade and uses a unique mix of tough love with academic innovation to bring hope to the academically invisible and educationally excluded. She is also the founder of the Dr. Annise Mabry Foundation, Inc. a nonprofit organization founded for community growth and development. 

Dr. Mabry is best known for her Tiers Free program. Tiers Free

Academy is Georgia’s only nonprofit alternative diploma program designed exclusively for sex trafficking survivors, homeless LGBTQ youth, and high school dropouts to obtain a high school diploma.

As a woman with love for community growth, she is a community activist with a passion for assisting rural police departments with implementing community oriented policing programs. Her foundation sponsors Christmas with a Cop, the Chief’s Diploma Program and the Macon County National Night Out.


Melissa Sampson

Melissa Sampson is a 1995 graduate from the Texas Woman’s University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, with minors in both General Science and Biology. She is a 1999 graduate of Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, (now

A&M School of Law), and holds a mediation certificate in civil mediation, family law mediation, and CPS mediation. Ms. Sampson has a solo practice in Galveston, Texas where she handles cases in family law, criminal law, CPS law, real estate transactions,probate, guardianship and mediation. In addition to her law degree, Ms. Sampson earned a Degree of Proficiency in Respiratory Care and has worked many years as a respiratory therapist in the hospital critical care setting. Ms. Sampson resides in Galveston County and has two children: Alannah and Kaylee, and is engaged to Jeff Shelton.

Ms. Sampson enjoys fishing, crabbing, and spending time at the beach with her family.


Mark Fletcher ENP

Since 1980, “Fletch” has contributed in various roles in the Public Safety /Telecommunications industry. Initially serving as a Police Dispatcher and Special Officer for 5 years in New Jersey, with the remainder of his career focusing on telecom. As a resident technician, he installed and maintained large private corporate voice networks, navigated their Y2K remediation and delivered the transition from TDM to VoIP, to SIP; and now WebRTC. Through his work with the Office of the CTO at Nortel and Avaya, Fletch holds 13 US Patents, focusing on NG911 additional data to PSAPs, as well as multimedia call handling functionality for 9-1-1 emergency call takers. Recognized for his customer advocacy, and his work on Public Safety Standards, He was honored by the NG911 Institute in 2013, being awarded the Industry/Technology Professional Private Sector Award by Congress. In 2015 he received the NENA President’s Award for his work on Kari’s Law, and on February 16, 2018, he was invited to the Oval Office, with Kari’s father Hank Hunt, to witness the President’s signing of the Kari’s Law Act of 2017, authored by him, into the law of the land. On February 6, 2019 he implemented the world’s first enterprise NG911 Additional Data Repository through a partnership with 911 Secure, and RapidSOS. This delivered floorplans and additional location data details to the PSAP at Memphis PD through an integration with the RapidSOS NG911 National ADR, demonstrating Avaya’s digital transformation roadmap, ensuring the requirements for NENA i3 are met for the Enterprise and Public Safety. Fletch is a regular keynote speaker at industry events worldwide and manages the content on the Avaya Podcast Network. He is published regularly on the Avaya CONNECTED Blogs, covering

emerging technologies and trending industry news. His articles can also be found in Network World. Externally, Fletch represents Avaya in NENA, EENA, and APCO International, and has contributed to several standards and best practices both here and abroad. Between 2014 and 2018, he served as a member of the APCO Standards Development Committee and Technical Subcommittee. He currently serves as the Northeast Region Liaison on the NENA Institute Board, where he provides input for the NENA Emergency Number Professional program and sits as a Technical Advisory Board member for Kant AI, as well as RapidSOS. He has also previously held Federal Advisory roles at the FCC sitting on the EAAC, TFOPA, and the Disability Advisory Committee, where he most recently served as co-chair on the Emergency Communications sub-committee.

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Chris Napier

 “Chris  Napier is the father of three children and married to Laura Napier,  Hank and D.J's daughter. He is in oilfield management for Baker Hughes where he  covers almost a third of the U.S. field operations for Artificial Lift  Services. Family is and always will be his number one priority. When he  is not working, he spends his time with his son and twin daughters Laura  and he fostered as newborns and adopted March 2019. He leads his family as a believer in Jesus and tries to model his life around that. So when  spare time comes around, it is spent with family or church friends. He  is always looking for ways where he can help others.”


Toni Gail Hunt Taylor

From 1974 until 1982 Toni worked in sales at a radio station, became a teachers aide to assist deaf children to speak. 

 Mid 1982 she began booking and managing a ten piece Blue's band

which she continued for several years

In 1984 she co-founded Burke's Adult Foster Care and contracted with the State of Texas Adult Foster Care Program to provide services and housing to Mentally Ill and Physically Challenged Adults.

In 1987 “Burkes Adult Foster Care” was renamed “Burke's Supervised Living”.  She became the Director of Burke's

Supervised Living” and moved to the facility property during this change of direction. Burke's started housing Travis County Probationers who were court ordered to our facility or were in need of housing. In short time she built the business to include contracting with 4 other Counties around Travis County. As time progressed she worked with numerous agencies and their clients thru her position at

Burke's. Burkes was expanded to include housing for Texas State Parole, Travis County Jail release, Texas State Jail release, Travis County Probation Department, Texas Office of Civil Commitment.

Local agencies were also provided housing services. The Salvation Army, Front Steps, Family Eldercare, ARCH, Caritas, Goodwill, Health and Human Services, as well as The Veterans Administration for homeless Veterans. Some of the tasks she was required to perform thru the years were: One on one counseling, managing staff, payroll and manage clients savings accounts.She authored numerous proposals for contracts through the years.She has performed duties of acting Case Manager's for our most needy clients. She has experience maintaining and filing all tax returns for the business for the past 30 years. She officially retired from Burke's Supervised Living in 2018 after multiple family tragedies and began taking care of family members dealing with personal health issues. However, she still assists Burkes in a consulting role. She is a lover of animals, children, music and trees. I aspire to own a live-in tree house before I die and find some much needed peace in nature.


Hank Hunt President

On December 1st of 2013, Hank Hunt, a regular man with a regular job as a facilities manager and an avid semi-professional photographer received a phone call that no father ever wants to get. Kari, one of his beloved children had succumbed that  afternoon to the senseless actions of her estranged husband. In a fit of rage, this malefactor stole from Hank, his daughter and his pride of joy. 

His  granddaughter, age 9 at the time, knew to summon help, and she knew  that 911 was the number to use to do that. But that day, it  didn’t work. Not the first time, or the fourth.  When Hank learned of this later that evening,  it was difficult to process, but as he quickly came to find out, not  only was it true, it was in fact the case more often than not at hotels  across the country. With the help of new found friends in Public Safety,  and the telecommunications industry, Hank  brought his story to an FCC Commissioner, and to a Legislator in Suffolk  County, Long Island, where he captured the hearts and minds of this  summer community filled with hotels.  Just a few short months later,  Kari’s  Law became a reality. It was quickly followed by updated legislation in  Illinois, and his home State of Texas began a yearlong series of  meetings to deal with the issue with Governor Greg Abbott signing into  law HB911 as his first legislative action. Other  states were inspired, such as Maryland and Pennsylvania, and Kari’s Law  moved from an idea to a movement. 

He has spoken to groups of hundreds at public safety and telecommunications conferences, and in December of 2018, stood alongside his wife D.J., his grand daughter Brianna, Mark Fletcher, Dan Wilson, FCC Chairman AJit Pai and other family members in the Oval Office as President Trump signed legislation named after his daughter. He continues to seek improvements in communication in our Public Safety community and has been an advocate for parents who have lost children to murder. He is a drone pilot, a registered Appraiser with the New England Antique Appraisers Assoc., a former 1st Responder as a Lieutenant with the Round Rock VFD, and an avid Nascar Fan along with his Grandson Zane. Hank formed the Kari Hunt Foundation to honor his daughters memory and to ensure her death was not in vain.

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Nathan Lee

Nathan Lee is the founder and President of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation which he formed after the preventable murder of his wife, Denise, in 2008. He has made it his life’s work to honor his courageous wife by promoting better training, standardized protocols, Quality Assurance, and technological advances for 9-1-1 so that it meets the

expectations of all citizens. His testimony before the Florida Legislature in 2010 led to the passage of Florida’s first ever training and certification standard for all 9-1-1 telecommunicators. He has also testified before a Missouri legislative committee to demonstrate the critical nature of 9-1-1 in support of more funding to their state’s 9-1-1

system. The preventable death of his wife has garnered national attention on the need for a consistently trained and certified 9-1-1 workforce. Nathan and his wife’s story have been featured on Dateline NBC, ABC’s Primetime, CNN, Dr. Phil, Larry King, Good Morning America and numerous other national venues.

Determined not to have Denise die in vain, Nathan is partnering with the 9-1-1industry and using the powerful emotional ammunition of these tragic events to drive change in public policy. It is hoped that the public awareness and disgust of these tragedies, if channeled and focused in a responsible way, will lead to legislative changes in funding,

training, certification, and technology so that no other family endures this type of pain and suffering again. The foundation has attained national prominence and respect for its efforts to improve public safety with Nathan speaking at over 20 state and national 9-

1-1 conferences. He recently lent his voice to a FCC workshop on cell phone location accuracy. He and the work of the Denise Amber Lee Foundation have been credited with several state initiatives to established uniform training and certification standards

and was recognized by several national 9-1-1 industry associations as the industry “Advocate of the Year” in 2011.


DaLonna "DJ" Hunt Secretary

DaLonna "DJ" Hunt began her career in the healthcare industry in 1990. She brings with her years of experience having worked as Director of Marketing for Hospice, home health and skilled care including behavioral health home care for seniors. In addition to the sales/marketing side of healthcare she also brings experience in the operational side of healthcare having serviced as a Clinic Administrator and an Operations Manager for PhyNet Health Systems in East Texas. DJ joined American addiction Centers in June of 2019 as an Outreach Associate. AMong her professional affiliates, she is also the Secretary of the Kari Hunt Foundation which services the public safety industry committed to creating better communication  to ensure help is received to the fullest expectation. Dj's mission is to "Positively impact every person I meet" Each day that God has given me is another day to bring joy,life and happiness.


Jamison C. Peevyhouse, ENP

“Non ministrari sed ministrare”

Skilled communicator and servant leader. Thrives on growing cultures of collaboration and commitment within public safety organizations.

Continually seeking new opportunities to advance public safety through relationships, technology and professional development.



2017 – Present Tennessee Emergency Communications Board Statewide Training Coordinator

• Implemented TN’s first Online Learning Management System for 9-1-1 Professionals

• Responsible for discerning statewide training needs and developing solutions

• Assist local Emergency Communications Centers in developing and strengthening

local training programs and ensure compliance with state training mandates.

1998 – 2017 Weakley County (TN) 9-1-1 Emergency Communications District

Executive Director

• Served as Dispatcher and 911 Center Supervisor from 1998-2006

• First PSAP in U.S. to earn Total Response Accreditation with PowerPhone

• Responsible for daily operations and future path planning

2008 – 2017 Weakley County (TN) Emergency Management Agency


• Responsible for formulating and implementing Emergency Operations Plans

• Serve as liaison to State and Federal agencies for disaster management

• Conduct training and exercises for local responders, businesses and civic groups

2006 – 2017 Weakley County (TN) Office of Public Safety


• Responsible for safety and health issues for County offices, employees and students



2016 – Present National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

NENA Executive Board, Past President

• Served as President 2018-2019

• Instituted a 9-1-1 Wellness Committee and 9-1-1 Future Think Committee

• Communicated leadership and cultural messaging in North America and Mexico

2016 – 2018 National 9-1-1 Resource Center

Content Oversight Panelist

2010 – 2016 National Emergency Number Association (NENA)

NENA Institute Board, Past President

• Establishes the Body of Knowledge for the 9-1-1 Profession in the U.S. and Canada

• Test qualified candidates for Certification as an Emergency Number Professional


2013 – 2018 National Public Safety Emergency Telecommunicator Training Working Group

National Emergency Number Association Representative

• Served as representative for joint industry working group to establish and codify a

nationally recognized Minimum Training Guideline for 9-1-1 Telecommunicators

• Performed nation-wide analytics of state-level required training for 9-1-1


2006 – 2017 Tennessee Emergency Communications Board

• Policy Advisory Committee (2015 – Present), Chairman

• Operations Committee (2006 – 2015,) Member

2008 – 2014 Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (TERT)

West Tennessee Representative

• Served as liaison for 911 Centers during disaster level events

• Trained Public Safety Telecommunicators as TERT members and leaders

ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2019 NENA Hall of Fame Award

NENA Emergency Number Professional (ENP) Certification

NENA Center Managers Certificate Program (CMCP)

Department of Homeland Security Type III All-Hazards Communications Leader

2015 Senator Joe Haynes Award for Excellence in 9-1-1

2013 TN-APCO Director of the Year


MEMBERSHIPS National Emergency Number Association

TN Emergency Number Association

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