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Kari's Law

On  December 1, 2013 Kari Rene Hunt was murdered by her estranged husband  whom she was intending to divorce. She agreed to meet him at a local  motel to leave their children with him for a short visitation while he  was in town.

Her estranged husband ambushed her in the motel room and cornered her  in the restroom. During the struggle and resulting death of Kari, her  oldest daughter, age 9, (name with held for privacy) attempted to dial  911 from the motel room phone. She followed instructions as taught by  her mother on how to call for help but she was never instructed that  in some hotels and motels you must first dial a "9" and then 911.

Seconds count and when a 9 year old little girl is mature enough and  brave enough to attempt to dial for help, she should be answered. When  that child dialed 911 she should have heard, "911, what is your  emergency?" Instead she heard static.We also ask that such law(s) prohibit excessive  charges for doing this update, in most cases it is simply a series of  buttons from a keyboard that will solve the problem.